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2014 Reunion Location: Pensacola, FLOctober 23-26, 2014

Ship Schematic

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Swens, Lenington, Lee, business meeting, reunion, 2012
John and Judy Swens
Our great pals from Colorado had a blast at this year's Reunion. Ask them about their trip on Flathead Lake!
Dale Cocita
Dale considers the upcoming Red Bus "Jammer" ride up Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.
Chuck Super
Chuck, a Montana native from Shepherd, MT, savors a chocolate chip cookie at Lake MacDonald lodge after returning from the Red Bus tour of Glacier National Park.
Reynolds Mountain - Glacier National Park
Reynolds Mountain as seen from the Visitors Center at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Logan Pass (elevation 6646 ft) is located on the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park, in the U.S. state of Montana. It is the highest point on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
View from Going-to-the-sun-road.
The stream below feeds into Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park.
Garold "Newt" Newton
Newt was captured in a happy mood while sharing sea stories in our hospitality suite at Marina Cay.
Bert Royster
Bert in a relaxed moment during the social festivities.
USS Ernest G. Small
USS Ernest G. Small conducting a memorial service for "lost at sea' shipmate, Paul Lane RDSN on June 27, 1962 in Hawaiian waters. Lane was lost overboard on the night of June 26. Despite rescue efforts of Small, Turner Joy and Buckley, Lane was never recovered.
2014 Reunion
Toasting another victory...
Shipmates Ron Hoffart and Larry 'Chit Chat' Coombs toast another happy reunion in Bath, Maine (2012).
At The Gate
Twenty-two shipmates and guests arrived at NAS Pensacola for the Wednesday practice and show of the Blue Angels. Fortunately, we arrive early to secure seats in the stands. Almost all practices are well attended and have standing room only.
The work of the watchful
The crew of DDR-838 keeps a watchful eye on the horizon.
John Lewis
John Lewis takes a photo of E.G. Small group in the stands.
Hard work and horseplay...
Spent shell casings from her 5-inch main guns litter the deck of the Ernest G. Small.
Prime Seating for the Crew
The E.G. Small group secured prime seats for the Blue Angel show.
Storied shipmates...
John Swens drives home a salient point during one of the masterful sea stories told at the 2012 reunion in Bath, Maine..
Take Off
The Blue Angels Commence the Show
Relaxed, but vigilant
Shipmate Dan Stiffler at his station while on Condition Three Alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October, 1962
Blue Angels #1 through #4 are airborne and getting into formation.
The Britton Smile
Bill Britton shows off his always-warming smile at the official 2012 Ernest G. Small reunion held in Bath, Maine (wife, Brenda, in the background).
Star burst
Trailing smoke, the six aircraft break formation into a star burst pattern.
Tonkin Gulf Tedium
Ray Hughes, TM2, stands watch on the O1 Level Midships during a break from gunfire support missions in the Tonkin Gulf, ca. 1964.
Close Fly By
Aircraft #5 & #6 perform an exciting head to head fly by within a few feet of collision.
Hong Kong arrival
Fox and 2nd Division sea and anchor detail man the port side during her entry into Hong Kong's busy harbor in 1965 for five days R&R after a month-long tour of the gun line in Tonkin Gulf.
In Delta Formation
The six Blue Angels fly in a Delta formation with an average separation of 18 inches at the wings.
Near Miss
These two aircraft closed at greater than Mach 1 speeds.
The squadron breaks ranks as they prepare for landing.
On the Ground
The Blue Angels taxi in review after landing.
Heading Home
Our attendees depart the airfield after enjoying a spectacular show.