2017 Reunion Location: Galveston, TXOctober 24-27, 2017

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Ship Schematic

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Swens, Lenington, Lee, business meeting, reunion, 2012
USS Ernest G. Small
USS Ernest G. Small conducting a memorial service for "lost at sea' shipmate, Paul Lane RDSN on June 27, 1962 in Hawaiian waters. Lane was lost overboard on the night of June 26. Despite rescue efforts of Small, Turner Joy and Buckley, Lane was never recovered.
Toasting another victory...
Shipmates Ron Hoffart and Larry 'Chit Chat' Coombs toast another happy reunion in Bath, Maine (2012).
The work of the watchful
The crew of DDR-838 keeps a watchful eye on the horizon.
Hard work and horseplay...
Spent shell casings from her 5-inch main guns litter the deck of the Ernest G. Small.
Storied shipmates...
John Swens drives home a salient point during one of the masterful sea stories told at the 2012 reunion in Bath, Maine..
Relaxed, but vigilant
Shipmate Dan Stiffler at his station while on Condition Three Alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October, 1962
The Britton Smile
Bill Britton shows off his always-warming smile at the official 2012 Ernest G. Small reunion held in Bath, Maine (wife, Brenda, in the background).
Tonkin Gulf Tedium
Ray Hughes, TM2, stands watch on the O1 Level Midships during a break from gunfire support missions in the Tonkin Gulf, ca. 1964.
Hong Kong arrival
Fox and 2nd Division sea and anchor detail man the port side during her entry into Hong Kong's busy harbor in 1965 for five days R&R after a month-long tour of the gun line in Tonkin Gulf.