2017 Reunion Location: Galveston, TXOctober 24-27, 2017

USS Ernest G. Small Association

2012 Shipmate Reunion

September 12 -15, 2013

Bigfork, MT

The Annual reunion of the USS Ernest G. Small Association took place in picturesque Bigfork, MT during the waning days of September, 2013.  As many of you know, this locale was a dear one to me as I spent my early childhood in Montana and, now, those memories have been permanently wedded to more fond memories of time spent amongst my best comrades and their companions.  The reunion dates were September 12-15, 2013.

Located at an altitude of 2,900 feet in the spectacular mountains of northwestern Montana, the town of Bigfork hugs a sparkling blue bay where the swift waters of the Swan River flow into Flathead Lake.  The town of Bigfork is – as many of you discovered – a charming place with world-class art galleries, fine food and stunning vistas full of wildlife.  Heralded as one of the 100 Best Small Art Towns of the USA, Bigfork introduced our shipmates and guests to an unforgettable part of the Western United States.

Marina Cay – Bigfork, MT

Our host in Bigfork was the Marina Cay, a resort property residing on the waters on Bigfork Bay at the Flathead Lake.  Marina Cay is a managed facility of privately owned Suites, Studio Apartments & Condominiums. All rooms have the latest amenities. We were provided with a spacious Hospitality Room that also served three superior meals during our stay.  Our hosts displayed the best of Montana hospitality.


                  Condo Patio Bay View                                      Sunrise on Bigfork Bay


Glacier National Park